The Truth on T-shirt Quilt Creation.


A t-shirt quilt is an excellent means to repurpose your old clothing while preserving memories for yourself or as a gift. Gather the t-shirts that have the most meaning for you and sort them according to color or theme.You will be using the portion of the shirt that has the design or logo on it. Once you have all the shirts sorted, you can start to measure and mark them and create a template to make the cutting go faster.Before you can begin cutting each square, you will need to specify the finished size of your quilt and number of squares you’ll be including. Layout all your squares as you would like it to appear when it’s sewn together. Bear in mind that all the T-shirt squares have to be the very same size. Select fabrics you intend to use as borders around your blocks.

If you are a skilled quilter, you can choose more complex patterns and designs. Beginners may want to use uniform squares to make the project simpler. For the most part, making a t-shirt quilt is simpler than it looks. It does require time, tools, and equipment, though. When you don’t have these things on hand and don’t want to invest in them, call a quilting company to do it for you.If you want the best quality t-shirt quilt or keepsake blanket, a quilting company like MemoryStitch will have patterns and designs to choose from, ideas and advice for your project, and get the job done quickly.

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Professional quilters have experience with details like appliqueing and using a press cloth and stabilizer to keep the fabric from stretching while sewing it. They will ask if you require a backing fabric and suggest a comparatively lightweight wadding.When you have piles of concert t-shirts or sports jerseys and don’t want to get rid of them, you can make a special quilt to display your favorites. Figure out if you will use the blanket on a bed or as a piece of wall art. This will help determine the finished size and whether you will need a case or hanger for it.You can be certain your memories are precious to the quilting company you choose to hire.

A consultant will give you advice and answer your questions. Be sure they have a few years of experience and can show you plenty of quilts they have designed and assembled in a portfolio or gallery. Read the customer reviews on their website. Be sure you are comparing apples to apples when shopping for a t-shirt quilt business to fill your needs. There are some individual quilters and seamstresses, as well as companies with several quilters uniquely qualified to do the job.Downloaded quilting products like patterns and instructions are free, and you receive access to your items quickly. As soon as your order is placed, you will obtain a confirmation email, including instructions about how to send in your shirts.